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With the new development in West Bengal tours, it has become easy for tourists and travellers to select from a variety of tour packages. A West Bengal tour package can include any activity that the tourist would like to indulge in, irrespective of their taste. Some popular activities in West Bengal are picturesque sojourns in tranquil Riverside villages, mountain biking, bird watching, river rafting and trekking in Chittoor, walking and cycling in Alleppey, or enjoying the natural beauty of the hills in Kolkata. The hills of Bengal offer some of the best picnic spots in the country.

One can select the honeymoon packages as per their preference. Honeymoon packages can also be selected according to the number of days one wishes to spend in West Bengal. These packages are available from multiple-entry travel agents who have connection with a number of hotels and resorts that are situated in the different parts of West Bengal. These travel agents not only help in booking rooms at the hotels where one wishes to spend their honeymoon but also help in coordinating with the airline companies and book your tickets.

The popular honeymoon packages offered by the West Bengal travel agents are the four-night coastal trip, which starts from a luxury hotel in Mussoorie and ends in a palace in Kolkata. This is one of the most sought after destinations in west Bengal. The four-night coastal tour gives the tourist the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of West Bengal and its beaches. The packages usually include a stay in a traditional West Bengal houseboat. The houseboats provide an opportunity to sample the beauty of the pristine beaches and the tranquil rivers that feed the fertile rice fields.

Another popular destination that attracts tourists from all over the world is the God’s Own Country, India. Kolkata is home to a number of historic churches and temples, some dating back to centuries. The best time to visit India is between the months of November to April. There are many different types of tours available; you could opt for luxury tours or for adventure tours. A luxury train like the Orient Express not only offers the luxury of a royal train but also saves you the hassle of traveling by land, sea or air.

If you are looking for a relaxing experience while exploring the beauty of West Bengal, then a houseboat cruise is the perfect option for you. The houseboats are well furnished with modern amenities that ensure a memorable and relaxing journey. One of the most popular tours offered by West Bengal travel agents is the Bengal Historical Tours. The journey takes you to visit various historical cities like Mussoorie, Kolkata and Premeditated, Kollam. On this journey you will have the chance to explore some of the magnificent historical sites of West Bengal.

West Bengal is one of the most preferred destinations for rail ticketing in India; it has been recommended as the best holiday destination in the country. Some of the major attractions that are provided within this state include the scenic natural beauty of hills and mountains, delicious food, picturesque locales, traditional villages, picturesque lakes and rivers, exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries and the rich culture and heritage. There are various railway stations that offer luxury train services in West Bengal. These trains are well equipped with modern facilities and provide an opportunity to explore the beautiful natural beauty of hill stations and valleys. These trains not only provide you a great travelling experience but also make you feel comfortable and relieve your stress while travelling through these landscapes.

For all your leisure and business requirements, you can contact a reputed travel agents in West Bengal for customized and personalized services. Travel agents in West Bengal can arrange tailor made tour packages according to your preference and visit budget. Some of the popular tour packages offered by reputed West Bengal travel agents include: Kolkata to Bengal, West Bengal to Pondicherry, North Bengal to Rangpur, East Bengal to Assam, West Bengal to Delhi, North Bengal to Hyderabad, East Bengal to Mumbai, Central Bengal to Durgapur, North Bengal to Bhatye Beach, West Bengal to Kochi, East Bengal to Chennai, Tripura to Cochin, Delhi to Kochi, Kerala to Coorg. The above mentioned are some of the most fascinating tour itineraries offered by reputed West Bengal travel agents in India. Thus, now it is up to you to make the choice among them and make your trip a delightful and memorable experience.

For all your leisure and business needs, you can easily contact a reputed west Bengal tour operator and book the package according to your convenience. If you wish to visit the famous sites of Kolkata, Kodaikanal, Mirbeevi, Beside Parai, Bekal Fort, Junagarh Fort, etc then you will have to get the required documents from the local travel office. The documents required for the same include proof of age, identity proof, passport, valid residential visa, railway pass, employment permit, the fee payable for the tour and transport ticket, as well as the itinerary and the booking reference number. For all your needs related to West Bengal travel and tourism, just contact a reputed West Bengal travel agent now. The agent will always make sure that the visit visa is obtained without any hassles at the earliest and without any hassles thereafter.

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