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Tourists from all across India flock to Tirupati during the summer season, which is around to 6 months long. This city is also popularly known as the Pink City of Tamil Nadu and has a lot to offer to both the first time visitor to the city as well as the habitual visitor. The Pink City of Tamil Nadu has a lot to offer not only to the visitors but also the houseboat cruisers who set sail for the pristine waters of the Tamar River. While the tourist rush towards this beautiful city from all across the country, there are some accommodations that are very close to the tourist spots and these include budgeted accommodations that can be made available to travelers in Tirupati.

When it comes to choosing accommodation in Tirupati, budget travelers have a big challenge on their hands. Fortunately, Tirupati has a whole lot to offer budget guests and one such place where you will find plenty of budget accommodations. There are many budget hotel in Tirupati but what is best for your trip is not always easy to ascertain. One of the best ways to find out what kind of hotel you would like to stay in is to look for hotel reviews in the local newspapers and magazines or ask your relatives and friends who have visited Tirupati before.

Hotels in Tirupati range from high end five star hotels to lodges and villas. As per your budget, you can choose any room from a wide array of room options that are provided by the hotel. One of the best things about staying in a budget hotel in Tirupati is that you will have lots of extra room for shopping and relaxation. If you have an extra room, you can even ask for a room to be converted into a guest room. Most of the budget Tirupati hotels are well equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, television sets, broadband internet connection and telephone lines.

These rooms are fully equipped with basic bed linen, room suite, DVD player, sound system and a single room phone line. Some of these rooms also have single en-suite bathroom, TV with satellite dish and audio system. The price of such rooms will vary depending on the facilities provided. In the low budget to luxury Tirupati, the rooms might be a bit cluttered but they are well maintained. The more luxurious Tirupati accommodation will definitely cost you a bit more than the basic ones.

Most travel agents in Tirupati will help you find the right accommodation and hotel that suits your needs. There are many well known hotels such as Hotel Radisson Tirupati, Hotel Residency Tirupati, Radisson Blu Hotel, Tirupati Marriott, Radisson Serena Hotel and Radisson Bonvoy Hotel. These rooms come with telephones, telecabs and broadband internet connection. You can get these rooms to book online or through local agents.

Budget accommodation is also available at cheaper rates such as the guest houses and dormitories. Some of these guest houses also provide housekeeping services, laundry service and even reception and catering services. These guest houses offer cheaper room rates than the Tirupati hotels. However, if you stay in these rooms and avail of their services, you can expect excellent quality and value for your money.

Luxury accommodation is also available at higher costs. If you compare the room rates of luxury Tirupati hotels to the cost of regular rooms, you will be shocked to see the difference. The hotel rooms in these hotels are more expensive than the other ones because these hotels offer more services such as air con, television, telephone, health clinics, etc. Most of the expensive rooms in Tirupati are around the central business district of the city. The food served in these luxury hotels is best in the city.

If you don’t know much about the hotel business, you can seek help from travel agents in Tirupati. They can advise you on which hotel to avoid, which is good and can be a good value for your money. You can make your accommodation bookings with the help of travel agents in Tirupati. They may not charge you a commission for this, but they will save you time and guide you through the process.

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