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There are many places in Tirunelveli where tourist can enjoy the beautiful ambiance and the scenic beauty of nature. However, the town of Tirunelveli is considered as the symbolic place for the Sri Lankan people as it is where the first recorded census took place, during the fifth century AD. The town was developed during the seventh century by the Buddhist King Rama V and was named after him.

The hinterland was in an excellent condition even during the time of the Mughal king Jahangir. Tirunelveli has a lot of ancient temples, tombs of eminent personalities and beautiful forts. The main town of tirunelveli – six thousand feet above sea level, is built on a hill and hence looks down on the sea. Tourists who go to Tirunelveli must carry the relevant documents while traveling to the Southern part of India, including passport, visa and other documents required for travel within the country and even international travel.

The city is well connected to the rest of the country by air and road. By air, the Chennai Central Bus Station and the Chennai Maharaja Transport Corporation run scheduled buses from Chennai to the hill resort. The railway station of the state is located near the airport. The railway station in the country is also located in the hill resort and hence it may be convenient to visit all destinations in the state through this means. Most of the travel agents in Tirunelveli can arrange for transport to and from the airport and many hotels near the place also provide transportation to the hotel.

The major places of interest in the city are the Lord Ganesha Temple at Devikulam, where tourists can get inspired by the story of Ganesha and pray to the deity at the early hours of the morning. The Velliengiri Hills, otherwise known as Golden Mountain, is also a major attraction to those interested in ancient history. Travel agents in Tirunelveli can help to arrange sightseeing tours to the valley. This is a picturesque and stunning valley which was the seat of the Tamil empires of Koodal and Nayak dynasty. There is an open-air market at the center of the place. This market has a number of small eateries selling local delicacies and is a great place to purchase souvenirs for family trips and vacations.

The Velliengiri Hills is also a popular spot for trekkers. They can make their way through the forest to reach the highest point of the mountain, which is called Thousand Feet. The views of the hilltop are breathtaking and are best seen during sunrise or sunset. This is also a good place to enjoy some peace and solitude.

Another great destination for a nature trip is the Champalaveum Beach. This is a sandy beach that is surrounded by palm trees and has facilities for water sports. Those planning a beach vacation can visit the place during the monsoon season. The other interesting thing about this beach is the presence of a wildlife sanctuary. Travel agents in Tirunelveli can help with information about the trip options available in this region.

If you want to experience the real flavor of Tamil culture, then the best way is to visit Tamil Nadu’s Thiruvallam. It is located in the forestation of Andhra Pradesh and is well worth a visit. This place offers a unique take on rural life. The best time to visit is from September to October when there is a large gathering of wild animals. You can also visit Yayamakad, which is famous for its hill stations and temples. Many of these trekking centers are also located near Tirumala.

To make your travel a pleasant experience, it would be wise to contact a good travel agent. They are the best resources to plan your tour and guide you through the most appropriate destination. If you choose good agents, you can be assured that you will get a chance to see and do everything that is important to you. A good agent would be able to arrange a tailor made itinerary that would satisfy all your interests and requirements.

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