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If you are looking for a beautiful, picturesque and idyllic place to visit, I suggest you try Tinsukia. Situated in the Great Lakes region on the shore of Lake Iturup and the bordering province of Ontonagon, this delightful little city is full of exciting opportunities for a memorable vacation. You can visit its numerous landmarks such as the Iron Gates, Nature Preserve and Tinsukia Marine National Park. In fact, these are only a few among many that can enthrall you while you stay at one of the many coach rentals in Tinsukia, Ontario.

As a first time visitor to this charming town, I was excited to explore all of the interesting sites that I would see during my trip with tour operators from Tinsukia. Although my interest was initially directed toward the wonderful scenery that can be found in the region, I soon realized that it was also home to many exciting things to do. For instance, going on one of the numerous treks that circulates throughout the region, I came across several caves that are truly breathtaking. Even though they are located deep within the waters, I was able to see them clearly thanks to a live camera monitoring me from above. Another adventure I had during my stay in Tinsukia involved visiting two wildlife sanctuaries, which are also found deep within the lake.

With the help of a guide from one of the guided tours in Tinsukia, I was able to see two of these sanctuaries located on opposite ends of the lake. On the first day of my stay, I decided to hike to the western side of the Tinsukia River, which led me directly to the Great Bear Rainforest sanctuary and the Tamanuali River. From here, I was able to explore the underwater world of the ecosystem, observe the various species of marine life and breathe in the fresh water.

On my second day, I decided to head back to the village and catch a guided tour from another part of the village. I was greeted with a delicious lunch before being lead into a large building where there were several experts from all over Thailand working to create customized tours for tourists. I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the grounds, taking pictures and hearing more about the environment. When I returned, I was excited to learn that I had received an information pack containing information on more than 30 activities, which included activities like trekking, snorkeling, hiking, boat riding and camping. With this information, I was able to plan an extensive holiday that would take me to many beautiful islands in the South Sea that I hadn’t seen before.

My next trip to the region was organized by a travel agent with the support of local tour operators. This tour allowed me to visit the renowned Angkor Archaeological Park, which was built during the reign of former king Narinder Singh. The park features a small museum with a large replica of a colossal statue of Angkor. It also houses a wide assortment of artifacts from the era of the Hindu Monarchy. The guided tour took us to the Hindu Temple at the Chinnon hill, and the Chinnon observatory, where the famous “flying the flag of Chinnon” by Thai artist Ratchaprasong won a world award.

In my third trip to Tinsukia, I planned to go on a guided tour of Koh Phangan. I had heard about the beautiful beaches in the area and planned to make the most of them. After my guided tour in Koh Phangan, I went on a boat ride to explore the shallow and calm bays of Bang Tao. I met a lovely girl on the boat who became our guide for the next two days. We visited the temple at Viharn, and the Jet Set gallery in Krabi Town, where I purchased several paintings by prominent Thai artists.

During my fourth visit to Tinsukia, I decided to arrange an all-inclusive trip including the Koh Phangan tour, and Koh Samui beach vacation. I made my reservations with a reputable tour operator, and we were able to secure the best rates. My husband and I returned to Phuket, where I booked into a villa in Koh Samui that was close to the beach and away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist areas. The rest of the group went on a five-day cruise to Koh Samui, which was a nice change from the daily routine of hotel surfing and shopping.

There is one hotel in Tinsukia that I would recommend, though. It is called the Edge Tents Company, and it provides extremely comfortable rooms with direct access to the beach. All the rooms have TV and Internet connections, and the food is inexpensive and good, with an emphasis on locally sourced foods. You can even book into a spa for a little extra luxury. If you’re planning a trip to Phuket, Thailand, look into hiring a few travel agents, as they will be able to make your trip much more affordable.

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