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Tamil Nadu, the southern most state of India is one of the most beautiful states in India. It has lots to offer to the visitors whether they are on a holiday or business trip. This beautiful state has a lot to offer to its visitors like lush greenery, verdant hill stations, refreshing waterfalls, beaches, lovely lakes and many more. When it comes to a holiday destination, Tamil Nadu tops the list. So if you are planning a vacation in this wonderful state, Tamil Nadu travel agents can make your journey trouble free and more enjoyable. Let us find out why the state is such a great place for holidays.

Chennai: Chennai is one of the best travel agents in Tamil Nadu as it is the cultural capital of the state. The city is a favorite among tourists and honeymooners from all over the country as it provides everything that is needed for a peaceful vacation. The beaches here are ideal for water sports lovers as they provide an amazing opportunity for some fun-loving activities. The best thing about a holiday here in Chennai is that it offers a lot of pleasant surprises to the visitors.

Kumarakom Lake: Kumarakom Lake is a very famous tourist attraction located in Kumarakom, Alappuzha and Kollam districts of Tamil Nadu. People from far and wide come here for the beauty of the lake and the mesmerizing view of the town it surrounds. It has become a favorite of those coming to spend their vacations. The best time to visit here is the summers as the summer months are very hot and the waters are warm. The best time to go here is from August to September.

Caucos Lake: It is a beautiful lake located in Caucos town in Tamil Nadu. It is surrounded by other beautiful backwaters. It is a popular destination with people from near and far. During summers, the waters become cool and the people visiting here take a cool breeze to enjoy swimming. In winters, the waters get warmer and people go for water skiing, kite boarding and many other outdoor sports.

Yayamakad: This is another favorite among tourists. It is situated in Alappuzha and is a favorite among all Tamils. The whole area around the lake is picturesque and beautiful. The natural beauty around the lake makes it a preferred destination for those who love serene environment.

Boat House: The boat houseboat is a unique vessel and it was originally built in Chennai back in the 1920s. People come to explore its wonderful charm during winters. During summers, this boathouse becomes a hub of activity as people go for picnics on the lake. It is a favorite among those going for honeymoon vacation in Tamil Nadu.

Fort Kochi: It is located at the banks of Ranga River in Alappuzha and is counted among world heritage sites. There are many activities and tours that can be done around here. There are many places of tourist interest like Charminar, Snake Park, etc. Tourists from all over the country visit the state to explore its wonderful tourist spots.

Water-Globe Angkor Temple: This temple is the oldest known temple in Indore and it was built duringiddle MLAaj. Legend has it that Lord Angkor destroyed his beloved wife while he was staying at Angkor. He decided to build this temple so that no one would ever be able to destroy his wife again. The temple stands at the bank of the river now.

Devikulam Caves: They are popular for their unique paintings and sculptures carved by Indian artists. The caves were discovered by archaeologists in the year 1950 and they reveal the ancient civilization of the state. There are many exciting things to see in and around Devikulam. The caves have been declared a national park. Travel agents in Tamil Nadu should take the advantage of it and arrange for tours to this place.

Kovalam: It is situated near Periyar Lake and is a famous site for houseboat riding. A houseboat ride along the scenic Alagar Lake is a popular activity here. It is very important for local fisherman as they catch large variety of fishes here. There is a museum here and the houseboats are well-maintained.

Ellora Caves: It is located on the left bank of the Vembanad Lake in Thiruvallam. These are large caves, which were discovered by surveyors during the reign of Maharaja Jayalath Tagar. They were believed to have been used by the Ancient Greeks. The cave is believed to have been a place where the legendary story of Elphinstone was told. It is an important tourist spot and there are plenty of places to stay here including hotels and resorts.

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