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A lot of people have been complaining about the poor service provided by Suryapet travel agents. This is usually based on the fact that they haven’t returned the phone calls made by the travel agents at the time they called. At times, these people have also complained that they have booked a flight in Suryapet and they haven’t received any information about it. In addition to this, some people have also reported about not receiving the tickets booked or information about the reservation made.

All this information has resulted in negative impressions about Suryapet hotels and the hotels in general. Most people have also commented that they don’t plan their vacation in Suryapet. Instead, they simply check into one of the many other places in Phuket. This is an indication of how little people value Suryapet as a place to spend their holiday.

So, what is the reason behind the poor services provided by Suryapet travel agents? One of the main issues cited by people is that the hotels in Suryapet are poorly maintained. The rooms have damp and even dirt floors. The bathrooms in these hotels are also poorly maintained with dirty water and sometimes insects. Furthermore, the food served in these hotels is also of a below standard.

Apart from these, the hotels in Suryapet also have a bad reputation for charging tourists high prices. The prices are so high that travelers often end up defaulting on their payments. Some even have hidden fees like taxes etc. The rates of the rooms vary according to the time of the year. The hotel rooms charged during summer months are a lot higher than those charged during winter.

Another major issue is the lack of proper communication between the travel agents and the hotel authorities. Many people complained about not being able to get answers to some queries even after paying for the trip. This often results in unnecessary stress and frustration on the part of the traveler.

The hotels in Suryapet also provide very poor accommodation. The rooms are poorly furnished and even the bedding is worn out. These factors make it difficult for the traveler to enjoy his stay in Suryapet.

There was one travel agent who had tried his best to provide a luxurious and comfortable stay to his clients. However, the services provided by him were far from satisfactory. The food served at these hotels is substandard. The quality of these foods is very low. Most of these food items are found at the nearby street stalls and markets.

The other major issue that is cited for the failure of the hotels in Suryapet is the behavior of their management team. Some of them have a bad attitude towards the customers. There have been some incidents of molestation and eve teasing by this management team. There have also been instances when these staff members came on a personal visit to the hotel before inspecting it. These factors are blamed largely on the lack of effective communication between the hotel’s management and the travel agents.

Since the staff at these hotels does not take the vacationers seriously, many of them are tempted to book a room in another hotel nearby. This leads to a chain reaction. Many other travel agents come into the picture and start offering better services at a lower rate. The result is that the standard of the hotel gets reduced and the quality of the vacationers’ experience is compromised.

To avoid this, the best option is to communicate effectively with the travel agents and tell them that the hotel would only accommodate a limited number of vacationers. This will stop them from overbooking the hotel rooms. They should also keep the vacationers well informed so that they do not feel cheated later. Travel agents in Suryapet who offer quality services are recommended to those who want to spend quality time with their family while exploring the rich cultural heritage of Thailand.

Some of the best travel agents in Suryapet offer vacation packages to tourists, which include accommodations, tours, sightseeing, meals, drinks, and other activities. Travel agents can help in arranging for these various services. They can find cheap flights for the tourists, which reduce the expenses incurred. They can arrange for car rentals as well and arrange for car hire services to and from the hotels.

Travel agents in Surat can also facilitate group travels. They can arrange for a tour and travel packages for groups of more than twenty people. These include tour packages to the north and northeast of Thailand and packages to the capital city of Bangkok. The best part about these agencies is that they arrange for customised tour itineraries, which ensure that the tourist see everything there is to see. For instance, tourists can go on a cultural tour to Bangkok or they may opt for a wildlife tour. All these activities are facilitated by travel agents in Surat.

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