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South Dumdum Kolkata is a place famous for its multi-cultural heritage. The town was known to have once been the headquarters of the British administration as it had been one of the railway’s stations when India got independence from the British. South Dumdum has now emerged as a destination popular for many tourists, thanks to its picturesque natural setting, fantastic food, and interesting history. The following are some of the attractions that you must not miss while planning your trip to South Dumdum:

The Rose & Lily Garden is located at Dumdi Minx Road, near South Dumdum. This is one of the oldest gardens in all of India. In case you want to have an insight into the history of this place, the garden offers insights into ancient Chinese history through the display of Chinese lanterns and Indian sculpture. You can also have a look at the various types of flowers growing in the garden. If you are a railway ticket booking agent, you will find this place exceptionally useful as it gives you information about train travel agents in Dumdi Minx Road.

Anjuna Lake is an exceptionally beautiful lake situated in south dumdum, India. The lake is surrounded by the hills of Munnar, the same region from which Lord Krishna moved to heaven. There are several activities that you can enjoy around this lake. If you want to sight see, you can hire a boat and go for boating trips on the surrounding lakes. If you are an enthusiastic birdwatcher, there are around forty different species of birds within fee range here. If you are looking for an activity which will leave you with a rejuvenating feeling, try to trek up the slopes of Anjuna Lake.

This is another charming little town within South Dumdum. It has been around since around 1500 BC, when this region was largely independent of the Mughal Empire. A large portion of this town is now considered to be around the area of Kolkata. There are also a number of temples here, which are dedicated to Lord Krishana and his wife Subhadra. There is a temple dedicated to the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam here.

Sulekha Village is situated around one kilometre from the center of South Dumdum. This is another small but charming village which has a few buildings and very little else. There are many train travel agents here who are willing to help you plan your itinerary for the trip to Sulekha. They will be able to provide you with all the charges associated with the trip such as the venue, food, tea and coffee, and shopping opportunities. They will also help you prepare for any event that may come along on the way.

If you are interested in the festival of Sulekha, which falls on the August 15th, you will have plenty of time to do research and find out more about the various things that take place. You can ask your sulekha travel agent to help you book tickets for this festival so that you do not have to worry about making your way to South Dumdum on the day of the festival. A good train travel agent will always make it a point to help their clients to book tickets for these events in as much detail as possible.

One other very important festival which takes place in South Durgatsabha is the celebration of Diwali. Many people do not associate South Durgatsabha with the festival of Diwali but if you make a trip to the town, you will find that it has a lot in common with the big festival of Diwali. This is because both the cities are famous for the elaborate decorations during the festival and it is these colorful banners and other items which are put up in both the towns which give them both their similarities and differences.

A brief history of South Durgatsabha is essential if you are planning on a journey to the town. This brief history traces the journey of the people from their origin in East Bengal, through the centuries they have been colonized in many parts of the world, to their incorporation in India. The arrival of the Portuguese in the region was a turning point in the history of the region, as was the railway connection between Bruhat-ulu in the east and Kolkata in the west. Today, the rapid development of both the railway and the tourist industry has made South Durgatsabha one of the most popular places to visit in India. So make a trip to this lovely part of the city and enjoy the vibrant celebration of Diwali!

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