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Silchar, located in the state of Orissa, is among the fastest growing cities in India. A large number of tourist from all across the nation and especially from India, visit Silchar each year to celebrate their vacations. There are many places to visit in and around Silchar that provides an unforgettable experience of a lifetime to its visitors. You may have to plan your entire trip depending upon the places you intend to visit in and around Silchar.

One of the most attractive places you should visit in and around Silchar would be the vast swaying palm trees on the banks of the sacred Guwahati River. At the end of a bridge you will find a calm and serene atmosphere under a palm tree that is blessed with all the wonders of nature. It is the first place where the Guwahati airport is accessible by the public. The Silchar town square is also a great place to enjoy a leisurely stroll during your visit to this charming town in and around Silchar.

If you are looking for some adventure while exploring Silchar there is no dearth of thrilling activities to choose from. For those who are looking for an opportunity to test their athletic prowess there is no dearth of excellent fitness centers in and around Silchar. Amongst the most popular sports that one could indulge in while visiting the scenic region of Silchar are mountain climbing, trekking, river rafting and paragliding etc. All these activities are available at various levels and one can even opt for Silchar car rental services to take them to different places. The luxury and comfort that accompany a vacation in the lap of luxury is what all tourists are craving for.

One can also opt for the Silchar car rental services to make the tour a comfortable affair. There are several tour packages that are available under the Silchar itinerary. These are designed to suit the interests of different people. For instance, if the tour plan includes overnight stays then it becomes imperative for you to check with the hotel authorities as to which part of Silchar you should actually stay when on your tour. You will have to pay extra for that.

If you and your family are looking for a simple family day trip where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the hill station then the Kiguan High Street in Silchar will be ideal for you. This is a main street that is lined with small stores and restaurants that sell local Silchar food. You can also enjoy a full day trip to the nearby forest areas to view some of the animals in their natural habitat. The highlands of the district are ideal for trekking and hiking.

If you and your family are looking for an enjoyable full day trip to the coastal regions then you should go to the East End of Silchar. There is a picturesque beach at the East End of Silchar that is also popular among tourists. This place is also home to a picturesque old fort that provides a glimpse into the history of Silchar. You will not only enjoy a scenic beauty of Silchar but also get to know the history of this place.

For those who prefer to plan their own tours and travel in Silchar, it is best to consult some renowned travel agents in the city. These travel agencies often organize their own outing depending on the number of travelers accompanying them. It is advisable to consult these agents before leaving for any trip especially if you are not familiar with the place. There are also several travel agencies that have their own hotels where one can stay while on their tours in Silchar.

In order to book one of these hotels one should do some research about the hotel they would like to choose from. There are several good and reputable travel agencies in Silchar that can help you with all your needs regarding travel in the region. These travel agencies provide excellent accommodation facilities and services to their clients. These travel agencies can also provide information about tourist destinations that one may want to visit while in the region. If you are interested in making a trip to Silchar with your family, there are also many resorts that offer family friendly accommodation and services to tourists.

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