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Sikkim is a small state located in the north western region of India. It shares its border with China and Bangladesh and enjoys good relations with both the countries. So it is no surprise that Indian people have started exploring alternatives to the conventional modes of transport like trains, buses, taxis, rickshaws etc. And one such alternative is to travel agents in Sikkim.

Travel agents in Sikkim have their own office in the relocated Golkonda district. They are well equipped with information about the best places to visit in Sikkim and bookings can be done in advance. The best part about this service is that the agents get access to all sorts of information pertaining to the attractions in Sikkim and the places that need to visit during the festive season or other major events. Most travel agents in Sikkim also help to plan tour packages and customise itineraries according to the interests and requirements of their customers.

The main advantage of booking through train travel agent offices in Sikkim is that customers can look for their preferred destinations without travelling from their home city. They can just sit at the comfort of their place and look at the beautiful scenery of the region. Some of the most popular destinations in the region are Chardham Yala, Kinnaur Kila, Dalhousie, Dharamshala, Kalimpong, Chittorgarh, etc. Apart from this, some of the most beautiful landscapes and panoramas of Himalayas are also found in this part of the country. And one such panorama is the Raheja Devi Temple located in Chardham Yala.

The next most sought after attraction among tourists visiting Sikkim is the presence of various pilgrimage sites. The most famous ones are Kinnaur Kila, Darjeeling, Ganges, Ajmer, Swarga and Dharamshala. All these sites are visited by countless travelers from all parts of the country, who hire the services of ticket booking agents in India.

Another major attraction in Sikkim is the presence of various national parks and sanctuaries. Among them, the most popular ones are Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Ranthambore National Park, Sonmarg, Mount Abu Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Drangpura Sanctuary, Mount Kenya and others. All these sites have their own attractions and provide an opportunity to tourists to enjoy and relax amidst nature’s bounty. The charges associated with all these activities are different depending on the operator and season.

One of the major highlights of tour operators in Sikkim is the presence of Darjeeling Sikkim trains. These trains, which connect Kullu Valley with Sikkim, have remained closed for several years because of the illegal mining of gold in Darjeeling. However, they have now been banned completely and all such operators are fully aware of the situation. All the vehicles operating between Kullu Valley and Sikkim are also equipped with modern CCTV cameras and audio systems to protect passengers from any untoward incident. All the rooms have air conditioners and other facilities to make your stay comfortable.

Apart from the beautiful sites, there are many other reasons that make Sikkim the best destination for a holiday in India. People from all over India throng to this place during festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi, Dussehra, and many more. It’s not just about the beautiful sites and the scenic landscapes; there is a rich tradition of local cuisine in Sikkim that can simply tempt the taste buds of even the most experienced chefs. One of the main dishes in this region that can easily be relished in a Sikkim restaurant is the Chai. Chai is basically tea prepared using milk and spices. There are many hotels in Sikkim that serve the drink in a variety of flavors and colors, so if you want to explore the local culture and taste of Sikkim, a trip to a local Sikkim hotel will help you immensely.

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