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The first five star hotel in Serampore that we visited had just been converted into a heritage accommodation by the Raffles Group. Raffles is one of the most successful group of property developers in India. We were impressed by the design, facilities and ambience of the newly designed and redesigned heritage hotels in Serampore. In fact, we were spoilt for choice as far as luxury accommodation was concerned.

The Raffles group has several five star and four star hotels located across Serampore. Most of them are located on the arterial road. There are also some that are located at the periphery of the major roads. We could choose the best place depending on our requirements and budget. However, it was a disappointment to find that the hotel we chose did not have any restaurant and the ambience was not that comfortable. Though we were not given the choice, we could have stayed at the three star or even two-star hotels as the prices were excellent.

We were impressed by the exemplary work of the hotel staff and the hospitality. The rooms were well furnished, but the only thing that disappointed us was the poor quality of the interiors. The floors and the walls showed dirt, grime and stains. The room temperature was rather chilly at times. There was no hot water in the bathrooms and the toilet seats were cold. We were dissatisfied with the services provided by the hotel representatives.

The other three hotels we visited were much better. All of them had excellent services and the quality of the interior and the surroundings was excellent. The hotel reception was courteous and the hotel staff was polite and helpful. The rooms were clean and the staff offered good advice on traveling and tourism.

The other three star hotels in Serampore provided great accommodation, excellent services and friendly staff. The food served in these hotels was very good. The three star hotels also had swimming pools and gymnasiums. The gym offered many equipments for workouts and the swimming pools were beautifully decorated.

We were impressed by the high standard of the three star hotels in Serampore. The rooms had good quality of furnishings. The service provided by the hotel staff was good and the food was good as well. The three star hotels provided competitive prices and the prices were very reasonable.

We were not satisfied with the cleanliness of some of the bathrooms in the hotels that we stayed in. This is an important aspect of any hotel that I believe should be taken care of properly. The rooms were not cleaned properly and there was no dusting of the furniture and the walls. The rooms smelled of stale air and there were no fresh flowers to smell in our rooms. These are some of the things that travelers must take note of before they spend their money in any hotel in India.

We were not satisfied with the services provided by the hotel restaurant. The three star hotels in Serampore provided excellent service but it could have been given much better. The restaurant was not prepared according to your requirements. There was no provision for changing your dining or sleeping habits. The hotel was clean and the staff hospitable but we were not really satisfied with the way the restaurant was conducted.

The three star hotels in Serampore provided basic services for the guests. The staff provided adequate help and took care of our needs. Prices were very reasonable and you would not find any room that was dirty. The service that the three star hotels in Serampore offered was above par. The meals were good and there was no disorder in the restaurants.

We also found that the three star hotels in Serampore had enough parking spaces. The cars were well maintained and the parking was available within a few minutes. This is an important aspect of any hotel and you should not find any problems related to parking. The three star hotels in Serampore did not have problems regarding the parking facilities.

There were a spa in the hotel and a health centre around two kilometers from the hotel. The three star hotel that we visited offered a host of different kinds of events and programs that could be attended during your stay. These travel agents in Serampore were very helpful and helped plan our visit to the city. They even planned a trip for members of our family to the Taj Mahal. The hotel staff was very helpful and helped us get ready for our visit to the Taj Mahal.

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