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Raurkela is an attractive place for holiday makers to visit. The climate is pleasant and the local people are friendly and welcoming. It is quite possible to locate a travel agent in Raurkela who specialized in tourism in the area. These travel agents have contacts with different hotels, restaurants and other entertainment venues.

The tourism industry is one of the major contributors to revenue generation in the region. The Gudichilvaal Waterfall and its surrounding areas have become a major tourist attraction since the mid 1990s. Many international tourists visit this waterfall each day to enjoy the peace and calm in the midst of nature. Tourists who want to spend their vacation in the region can contact various travel agents in Raurkela who can help them find accommodation options and guide them through the local culture. These travel agents in Raurkela also help travelers plan their sightseeing trips to different places in the region.

The Gudichilvaal Waterfall is among the finest natural wonders of South India. It is accessible by water from the nearby Rauwolfa Pass. There are a number of tour operators in Raurkela who can help tourists to reach the waterfall. These travel agents in Raurkela also arrange for sightseeing trips to the nearby natural parks, monuments and beaches. There are a number of cruises available as well that can be used to explore the surrounding natural beauty and landscapes. These include tours to Hluhluwe Island, the Franshoek Caves, Cape Reinga, and the Wye River Canyon.

While in Raurkela, tourists can shop around at the Raurkela market where they can find local crafts, clothing and accessories that are famous worldwide. The market offers a wide range of handicrafts, garments, handloom and other accessories at very reasonable prices. Some of the popular handicrafts produced here include chocolates, coffee accessories, stone accessories, paper mache and textiles. The stone and ceramic artifacts produced here are some of the finest in the world. These travel agents in Raurkela can also arrange for a tailor made shopping experience that will enable the tourist to buy the most exquisite items at competitive rates.

If you are looking for a unique cultural experience while on holiday in South India, then you can plan a safari trip to Manali. The beautiful mountain and valley are known for its sacred Buddhist sites, ancient temples and the marvelous collection of paintings and sculptures. In addition to the scenic beauty of the place, it offers tourists a unique opportunity to view a unique set of animals and birds. While booking your travel agents in Raurkela to arrange for a safari tour to Manali, you can ask them to arrange a tailor made tour that will include a visit to the sacred temple of Kashi, a beautiful lake, a cave and the Kufri Hills National Park.

The unique culture of Kerala is best expressed through its mythological scenes. The enchanting backwaters of Kerala are also an essential part of this state’s tourism. Backwater cruises are also conducted to explore the natural treasures of Kerala. The enchanting backwaters of Kerala are known for their abundant water bodies such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and even honey pools. The mesmerizing backwaters can be explored during a cruise trip to Kerala.

The most interesting art forms in Southern India are the carving and painting. The carving and painting are done on rocks and other hard surfaces. Most of the famous tourists and artisans from all over the country come to South India to learn the art of these art forms. Also known as Sangam, these art forms can be seen in the shape of elephants, deer and many other animals. The best places to visit for gathering information about these art forms are the Fort Kochi, Thiruvallam, Alleppey and Cherai Art Centre, Periyar Art Centre, Sreekali Art Centre and Kappad Art Gallery.

The other popular art forms include Fine Art, Ceramics, Textile and Jewellery. The artists who make these beautiful pieces of art usually live at the plantations or the hill stations of Southern India and work long hours to complete their artwork. These artisans travel long distances to attend the regional fairs or seminars in search of buyers. Travel agents in Raurkela are well versed with all these art forms and can guide tourists to these art galleries and museums in Southern India.

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