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The travel agents in Panihati are an inevitable part of our lives. We make appointments on a regular basis, we plan our trips meticulously, and we often have to wait for months before we actually get to go. This is because the various road networks here are poorly managed, and vehicles tend to break down on a fairly regular basis.

All this means that it is very easy to become lost during your journey. And even if you do manage to find a way into town, it will be no use if you cannot get to your hotel. The best way to get around this problem is to use a private travel agency. You will get the help you need from people who know the roads, the best places to stay, and the best routes to take to reach your destination. And since the travel agency is right next to the railway station, you can use the BTS daily to get to and from Kolkata.

The journey to Panihati starts from the famous bt road that goes all the way up to Nandigram and takes you through the forest. There are several other ways to travel here, and many others to get to Kolkata from the other parts of the state. But if you want to start from the beginning and work your way through the jungle, it will be much easier for you if you use a private agent. The many others ways of traveling here may seem confusing, but as you start to read about them, you will realize that the routes are well-known. The main roads are in good shape, but some of the other smaller roads are in a sorry state of repair.

This is where you start your journey in the bt road. The road is in good condition and runs past many rest houses and bungalows. The journey is in fact very pleasant and you will pass many other interesting places along the way. But the major attraction of this route is the Chandra ghat road. It starts from the forest road and takes you through lush green valleys on a high hill.

As you proceed towards Kolkata, there are several sightseeing points. The most important of these is the beautiful Lake Panihati. You will see many other important points of interest such as the renowned Charminar, the Chilka Imambara and the Chintamani Nayak Palace. As you reach Kolkata, there are two petrol pumps in front of the hotel you have chosen to stay in. These petrol pumps are run by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

There are other petrol pumps in the vicinity and you can use them if you want to. However, you should use the ones located at the end of the road that leads towards the Kolkata West Bengal hotels. The ITC petrol stations are situated at these locations and you will not face any difficulty in accessing them. In fact, if you do not wish to use the petrol pumps at the ends of the road, there are hundreds of other bt road pumps around the area and you will have no problem finding one to fill up your vehicle with petrol.

The bt road from Kolkata to Panihati has three main directions. They are the Kolkata West Bengal branch code, the Panihati branch code and the North Central branch code. All these three head offices have their own individual websites, which you can visit for further information. From the website of the ITC, you can simply dial the number given and book your journey from Kolkata to Panihati. You can also get information on the fuel rates, bus services to Kolkata and the journey duration from the website. The bus fares and the journey duration will be published clearly on the website so that you do not waste your time in looking up various bus fares.

All the three main bus operators in Kolkata head the ‘Mughal Express’ service from Kolkata to Panihati. Of late, the bengal based companies have started to extend the service all over the state of Bengal. If you want to travel from Kolkata to Panihati by any of the bengal trains, you will have to get in touch with a reliable bengal tour operator who will be able to direct you to the right station and the right route.

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