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For Mizoram, the ideal way to travel is to avail a tour package provided by local travel agents. They often have offices in Mizoram and nearby towns. The offices of these agents are mostly present along the Silk Route, which was initially used by the Portuguese to transport their troops and supplies to and from Indian destinations. It was henceforth known as the ‘Queen’s Highway’. Since this route passes through the heart of Indian tourism, Mizoram has retained its name as the ‘Queen of the Roads’.

Travel agents in Mizoram also have an array of tourism products and services to offer to foreigners, tourists and honeymooners. These include flight and accommodation bookings and reservations, car hire and travel packages, tour packages, holiday packages, destination weddings and birthday parties, besides many other related services. They also offer services like foreign currency exchange, visa services, insurance, and medical services. They also arrange for airport pickup and drop, upon request. They also arrange for tickets for rail and air tours, sightseeing tours and heritage tours. For corporate travel, they may also provide hotel accommodations.

The travel agents in Mizoram can cater to all types of tourists. They offer honeymoon packages, family holiday packages, Luxury Holidays, heritage tours, cultural trips, sports and fitness, cultural exchange programs and more. In short, they cater to a variety of needs and interests of different people. Their varied offerings make it possible for one to find the perfect package according to his or her interests and requirements.

For travelers who come to Mizoram for leisure vacation, the best option is to avail travel packages offered by local travel agents. These include flight and accommodation bookings and reservations, car hire and travel permits. Some of these are even valid for entry into the city. The local travel agents in Mizoram not only help to arrange for flight and accommodation bookings and reservations, but they also arrange for visa services. Visa services include immunization for travelers against various diseases, providing them with temporary visa extensions.

A number of Mizoram tour packages include a local tourist visa. For those who have acquired a tourist visa, they may wish to purchase a local travel agent’s visa kit. The kit usually contains a copy of the applicant’s passport, visa card, letter of authorization for stay, and contact information. This kit may also contain a copy of a hotel reservation confirmation. The local travel agents in Mizoram can also facilitate the processing of tourist visa applications.

If an individual travels to Mizoram on business, then he can get visa services from the local embassy. The embassy not only offers services for citizens of the Republic of Thailand, but is a recognized representative of the Government of Mizoram. In addition to its role as a diplomatic mission, the embassy of Thailand is also a registered agent for the government of Mizoram, and it has the authority to enter into negotiations with the authorities at the Thai embassy on one’s behalf.

While there are several travel agents in Mizoram that help to arrange the entry requirements for tourists, they are not able to provide immigration services. The duty of an embassy is to apply for the visa issued by the Thai embassy. Immigrants may apply for the visa online using the Electronic Application System of Thailand, or eAS. eAS is a web-based system that requires no registration fee. Mizoram visa applications can be submitted online to the Thai embassy for processing beginning two months prior to the intended departure date.

Once the applicant submits the visa application form, he/she needs to submit the necessary documents to the Mizoram consulate. Some documentation requirements include passports, letter of invitation from the Thai ambassador and proof of identity. It is not compulsory to provide photos to the embassy. The consul is authorized to investigate the particulars submitted and if the applicant does not possess the required documents within a month of submission, the visa shall be cancelled.

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