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The travel agents in Mangalore arrange flights for the international travelers and book hotel rooms for them. In fact, the travel agents also look forward to creating wonderful travelling in Mangalore an enjoyable experience for the foreign tourists. The city is well connected with many places of tourist’s attractions like Kappad, Anjuna, Marathahalli, Peermede, Hampi, Karkady, Indira Nagar, etc. There is an increasing demand for the services of the travel agents in the city.

The major attractions in the city include Gateway of India, Taj Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Siruvani Temple, Albert Hall Museum, etc. All these constructions are built by the renowned architect Siriraj Ghosh. The travel agencies are serving the clients from different parts of the world. Thus, there is a strong competition among the travel agencies to serve the needs of the foreign tourists in the city. The professional agents take care of all the arrangements made for their clients.

There are lots of reputed agents who provide the services for the tourists from across the states. The agents try to serve the needs of the tourists who are travelling to Bangalore in an economical and comfortable way. They offer flight bookings to the visitors. The travel agents also help the foreign tourists in selecting their accommodation. The tourists can search and compare various rates offered by various hotels before choosing a suitable accommodation.

The agencies provide information about the international airport, bus stations, railway stations and a map of the city. These services are also provided by the travel consultants. However, they are not competent enough to plan the trip personally as they are not experienced with international traveling. In case of personal arrangements and tours, they can assist you. The consultants can arrange a meeting with the airlines or hotels, in order to get special discounts on airfares, room bookings or hotel reservations etc.

The agencies can also provide help in booking tickets of the international cruises. They can help you book the cruise in advance in order to avoid last minute rush. This helps you to avoid any last minute stress. However, the agencies may charge extra for this service.

The agencies provide facilities like car rental, sightseeing tour, a trip to the theatre, film festivals and other entertainment opportunities. The tourist can collect brochures and tourist cards from the travel desk before leaving for an overseas trip. Some travel companies provide audio-visual services as well. Tourists can use the internet to locate the best tourist destinations and the best places to enjoy the vacation.

The agencies provide accommodation, tours, travel insurance, medical insurance, vehicle rental, flight bookings etc. Some companies also provide travel guides. The guide helps the tourist to select the place, which is apt for his personality. Some travel companies also provide services like car rental, car rentals, foreign exchange, personal help, vacation packages, car rentals etc., besides providing information on the different travel related options.

Today, majority of the people search online for the best deals on tourism. As a result, the travel agencies have emerged as one of the most sought after service providers in the tourism industry. The agencies provide services for all types of travel. Therefore, today one can find almost every type of travel service from the various reputed travel agencies.

Most of the reputed travel agencies provide online booking facilities for tourists. They also offer vacation packages and cheap holidays to attract tourists. The online facility enables the tourists to check out the details and apply for the package of their choice from the comfort of their home. Most of the reputed travel agencies have their own websites on the internet. Some even provide the facility of making booking through the internet, directly or indirectly. It enables the tourists to save time, money and effort required for traveling.

Today there are thousands of travel agents. Many of them operate independently and some others work as part of a large tour or travel companies. The travel agents can be categorised into national and international travel agents. National travel agents are based in just one country. In case of international travel, they are required to have an office in each country.

The travel agencies can be categorized according to types like discount travel agencies, budget travel agencies, full service travel agencies, customized travel agencies, online travel agencies and tourist based travel agencies. Discount travel agencies offer low prices on air fares, hotel rooms, car rentals etc. Budget travel agencies offer low cost accommodations and transportation. Full service agencies offer a wide variety of services such as booking for flights, booking for hotels, car rentals etc. While tourist based travel agencies mainly cater to local people, offering exotic tourism, they also provide services to foreigners coming to visit the place. Many websites are present to help customers find the best deal on travel.

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