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Madanapalle, a town of tremendous charm, is a great base to explore the enchanting backwaters of Kerala. The beautiful Vembanad Lake is nearby and you will be well aware of the fact that your planned itinerary for the trip would start from here. The Vembanad Lake is the lake that attracts travelers by its tranquilisation and tranquilizing atmosphere. You can opt for any water transportation service that suits your budget and thereby make your vacation extremely comfortable. The travel agents in Madanapalle will tell you about the best train tickets available in the region.

The travel agents in Madanapalle will also help you find out about the best bus services. You have the choice of booking one-way or two-way journey. A one-way journey takes you directly to the port from Madanapalle. On the other hand, a two-way journey takes you through the villages and is a wonderful experience for all those who love to take in the natural beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. It is a one-hour drive from Madanapalle and you can reach the destination in less than an hour.

The journey is made comfortable with the services of the train travel agents in Madanapalle. The train station is located at Neelambur in Kollam and it is just 3 km away from Madanapalle. When you are approaching the station, you will be greeted by the train travel agent who will provide you with all the information about the train services. The prices associated with the train tickets depend upon the type you choose. You have the option of booking for one or two hours. The charges associated with these options vary.

Buses: There are many buses in Madanapalle which provides a comfortable journey for all passengers. One way trip is also possible from Madanapalle to Kollam. The buses ply between Kollam and Alleppey and allow the travelers to reach their destinations within two hours. The one-way journey costs low as compared to the two-hour journey. However, the buses do not provide entertainment facilities such as television or music players.

Car: Another one of the most preferred modes of transport is the car. There are plenty of car rental agencies in Madanapalle, which provide excellent facilities for making the journey comfortable. The car rental rates are different depending upon the duration and mileage of the trip. The travel agents in Madanapalle make everything simple by explaining all the related details to the customers.

Boat Charter: Madanapalle is also famous for its harbor and there are many boats available here. You can visit the harbor to hire a boat from the travel agents and take a one-way journey to nearby places. The boat charter agents are very reliable and help you select the boat suitable for your journey. The travel agents in Madanapalle also arrange for the reservation of a hotel room and meeting rooms along with the booking of travel itinerary.

Hotels: Madanapalle has many luxury hotels which offer excellent facilities to the tourists. The hotel amenities include high speed broadband internet, DVD player, mini kitchen, safe vacuum, telephone, refrigerator, health centers and laundry. The staffs of these hotels conduct regular classes on hospitality and introduce the guests to their services. The hotel staff also arranges airport pickup and drop services for guests who want to reach Madanapalle easily.

All these services make Madanapalle a desired tourist destination. The travel agents in Madanapalle make sure that the journey is smooth and hassle free. If you plan to go for your vacation in Madanapalle, book your hotel room, flight and car rental in advance to avoid last minute hassles. The travel agents in Madanapalle assist you to make your vacation arrangements online by entering information about your trip including arrival and departure date, destination and budget. The online reservations can be performed at any time and the payment can also be done online.

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