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The capital city of Khunar, Khandwa is the second largest city and biggest town in Assam’s central hill district. It lies on the border with the Meghalaya state and shares an international airport with Bangladesh. Like most towns in the region, it is a major tourist destination offering affordable accommodation and luxurious car rental services to tourists visiting its vast network of roads and railways.

Khandwa has many options to explore on a round trip. Most of these include trips to Meghalaya state, which is located to the east of the state. It is one of the most sparsely inhabited areas in India, and there are many ethnic groups – Hindi, Chinese, Moken, tribal, hill tribes, Bengalis and others who speak the local language. If you have no prior knowledge of the dialect of the people living in the various tribes and other cities within the district, it would be wise to take the help of one of the many travel agents in Khandwa. They will help you decipher the meaning of the various signs and symbols used in the regional languages as well as the regional culture and customs. You will also be able to plan a more economical trip by opting for the one way drop or round trip taxi services.

While the one way cab service can be a viable option for certain cultural and historic reasons, it may not be viable for many other reasons. In addition to the time difference between your arrival and departure, a one way trip can consume more time than a direct bus or train ride. And in case you are traveling with children, a day cab may not be a practical option. If you do not have children, and still require a one way drop or round trip for some reason, the small package would be the most suitable choice for you.

A small package includes a fare for one single trip, regardless of how many times you intend to visit the same destination. Thus if you are intending to visit three or four different destinations within Khandwa, you can opt for a four way outstation. A four way outstation is also known as an indirect or round trip taxi service. There are several advantages associated with round trip or indirect taxi services. For starters, you will save money compared to if you opt for an direct hire cab service.

An outstation is often an affordable choice because you do not need to hire a car rental services during the journey. Instead, you can choose to rent a taxi or a mini van which are also readily available along with the outstations. The downside, however, is that you are only allowed to park your car for a limited number of hours (usually less than a day). Thus, if you intend to stay in the city limits for a period of time (such as a week) you can book a full day local car rental services instead of choosing an outstation.

A full day local car rental service is also known as a CCR or Closed-Return trip. With a CCR, a customer can go to any location within one city and return the car to the same agent. This option is more convenient as opposed to an outstation, as it allows you to explore more of the city and take in more sights, sounds and tastes. However, you may find it more expensive if you go on a CCR rather than hire a car at the airport.

If you are travelling to the smaller cities of Khandwa and Bikaner, opting for a small package will enable you to reduce costs as these cities are not too large in size. However, if you are travelling to the Chandigarh airport and looking forward to hire a car rental services, you will be better off opting for a full day local car rental service which will allow you to cover all sightseeing and attractions in one city. This is especially useful if you have an extended stay in one city. However, when you visit both Chandigarh and Bikaner, a small package will suffice as both cities offer a wide range of sightseeing attractions within the two cities. However, if you only have a few days to spare, opt for a small package as it will give you the freedom to explore both cities at your own leisure.

If you are travelling to Khandwa and Bikaner in a budget, you will have to look for the best car rental services that are available in the region. The major hotels in Khandwa and the Chandigarh airports have their own cars but many people prefer hiring local taxis as they find taxis exotically expensive. Hiring a taxi at the airport can cost you up to three times as much as the cost of a single limo ride! Hiring local taxis will also help you to explore the small town of Khandwa and discover some of its hidden spots, which you might not otherwise discover on your own.

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