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For a web designing company based in Kakinada, the most obvious place to set up its office and have access to internet connectivity is the city’s bus station. But what if you are not operating a bus in the area? Does that mean that there is no internet facility available for your office? Not necessarily – if you know where to look.

Many of the hotels in the east godavari district are quite new and some still need the help of local internet hosting. A good way of finding such companies is to browse through the yellow pages in Kakinada. Look out for companies that mention ‘web hosting in Kakinada’ somewhere on their website. If they do, then you can be confident that they have a dedicated team of web designers who know how to make good use of the internet and what SEO services travel agents in Kakinada should provide.

When it comes to sightseeing in and around the east godavari district of Thailand, there are plenty of options. Head to Ban Saket, a beautiful and historic temple located in Phuket town. Ban Saket is known as the ‘land of sightseeing’, so if you want to find out more about the fascinating history of this place and its lovely landscapes, you should definitely take a trip there.

If you prefer to visit in the company of a good friend or two, the best way of doing it is to hire a car and drive yourself to the heart of the region. The main cities you can visit there are Phuket town, Patong Beach, Bophut, and Nathon. While on the way, you will encounter the wonderful Phang-Nga Mountain, the world-famous Khmer ruins in Kuching, Angkor Wat, and the pristine beaches of Kakinada. All these can be easily reached from Phuket, if you plan your trip on a smart budget. However, if you don’t mind spending a bit more money on sightseeing activities, you can drive down to Angkor Wat or visit other nearby temples. On the other hand, if you would like to spend more time in Phuket, you can simply hire a car and travel around in it – the town has a lot to offer.

For tourists who love historical sites and architecture, there’s nothing like a trip to Kakinada, the small town that lies at the very heart of the region. There are plenty of exciting things to do there. You can go for a trek to the top of Angkor, which offers amazing views over the town. The other option would be to take a tour to the bungalow-style bungalows and villas that once belonged to the royal family of Phuket. The royal family lived here during the time of the great Khmer dynasty, and these timeless buildings will surely take your breath away.

If you’re more interested in experiencing a taste of authentic Thai food, head over to Kukui, a seaside town just north of Angkor Wat. There are plenty of Asian-themed restaurants in Kukui to choose from. The food is mostly cooked using seafood and vegetables, but you can also try out some mass-produced noodles and meat dishes.

One of the things that really marks the difference between typical tourist activities in Phuket and trips taken by travel agents in Kakinada is the presence of Bazaar Jhunjhun, a historic open-air market where one can buy everything from handicrafts, antiques, and clothing to electrical appliances and furniture. It also features an enormous open-air market on Saturday, which is another popular time for locals to gather. Unlike other touristy areas around Phuket, when people go shopping at sundown, the late night market in Kukui is a well-established place where you can purchase almost anything from electronics to jewelry. The latter can also be a bit hectic, so plan your trip for a weekday instead.

If you’re not a foodie but still want to experience the true essence of Phuket, try a visit to the Night Safari, an interactive experience located at the famous Walking Street in the center of Kukui. You’ll see an array of animals roaming freely on the ground, including a wildebeest, elephant, rhino and leopard. You can bring your camera to capture the moment, but be careful, as animals can easily grab your camera and escape. However, this is a very entertaining experience, especially for children. Travel agents in Kakinada are also available to help you plan your trip and prepare your itinerary.

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