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Two residents of Gozariya in North Goa district were reportedly duped of ills worth your sum by three persons posing as travel agents, whom they had hired to transport them to abroad. The case study is typical of the challenges that come with hiring an agent for your overseas trip. The victims, in this case, have filed a case against the three travel agents – Bilal Elahi, Mustafa Ahmed and Habibur Rehman – under the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) for not adhering to the service standard laid down under the consumer act. The three operators had been ordered to refund the amount that was paid for the transportation from Goa to Dubai. They have also been asked to suspend all their activities in order to allow the victims to file a claim against the three under the act.

Travel agents in Goa were found to be in contravention of the law when they did not take proper care of the requisite documents and failed to register the trip. According to the NCT report, the victim was supposed to have availed service visa for four days from the respective airline company at Pune. However, when the victim went to book the tickets, he was told that the trip could not be booked because the service visa had already expired.

Mustafa Ahmed had booked the tickets for a week in Mumbai and was due to fly to Pune via another airline. According to the victim, he was able to get a visa for fourteen days from the airline company, which meant that he was able to visit Pune despite his lack of service visa. However, the victim claimed that he did not inform any airline or travel agent about his intention to travel and so did not get a visa for the fourteen days that he was supposed to spend in Pune.

The passport stamp of the victim remained active for fourteen days. This meant that he was able to travel to Nigeria despite the absence of an immigration visa. He got the wrong entry of visa in Nigerian and this is the reason for his delay in visiting Nigeria. This is not the first case. According to the report in the report, there are many cases where the agents were not careful enough while processing the travel packages to Nigerian. The agents working in the travel agents industry were found to be in violation of the law repeatedly.

The first violations occurred while processing visa of tourist and work permits of foreign citizens who intend to visit India. Many of the agents working in the sector of hotel management were found to be in violation of the law by processing the visas of tourist and worker permit of foreign citizens who are on leave or holiday in India. They were also found to be in violation of the law when they fail to process the visas for tourists who are on an extended stay in the country. It has been found that these agents do not follow the norms and regulations laid down by the government regarding the processing of visa. This is the reason for which the Indian citizen who is traveling to Nigeria needs a valid passport along with proper visa to enter the country.

Tourists can be sure that they will not face any problem in obtaining visa and clearing the processing of visa during the time they are in India. The problem faced by the tourists while traveling to Nigeria is the lack of a visa for the foreign guest who is on leave in India. This is why many hotels in the city of bengaluru offer honeymoon packages to Nigerian couples. There are many hotels in the city of bengaluru which offers these special honeymoon packages and also the same to citizens of other country on their extended vacation in India.

The tourism department of the city of bengaluru is one of the most efficient departments in the state which is responsible for providing the best tour and travel packages to tourists from all over the country. The authorities of this state is also committed to ensure that no tourist is cheated by any tour operator when it comes to opting for the best and affordable honeymoon packages in the state. The officials of the tourism department of the state has formulated an ethical code of conduct which has bound all licensed tour operators to process visa upon the application of the tourist who is traveling to the state of okavango. This has ensured that the quality of service offered by the hotels in the city of bengaluru is not affected by the presence of visa and immigration issues in the country.

These hotels in the city of bengaluru offering different type of honeymoon packages to tourists are also provided with visa upon application of the tourist. This has also resulted in maintaining excellent working relationship between the state of okavango and the officials of the Delhi government who are responsible for providing a different type of visa upon request and on the basis of the requirement. Tourists can find out more information about these accommodation facilities as well as their visa on arrival status through online help. Tourists can also find out if they need any additional information on the phone numbers of these hotels or their official website.

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