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The most reliable and efficient travel agents in Durgapur are those who have a good business connection with most of the major international air travel agents in India. You will come across several agents who boast of a long list of satisfied customers, but there are also some fly by night operators who try to take your hard earned money by charging you exorbitant commission. Do not be deceived by such agents, as they only try to capitalize on your ignorance about foreign currency exchange or air transport.

One of the best ways to find a reliable travel agent in Durgapur is to check out the local Durgapur newspaper. Almost every day, you can see advertisements in durgapur for tour and travel agents. Almost all of them advertise their services through the newspaper. Therefore, almost every agent in Durgapur who wishes to be listed in the newspaper advertisement would be doing so.

Apart from listing the names of their firms in the newspaper, one can also browse through the list of tour and travel agents in Durgapur. Some of these agents may be offering discount tickets for the wildlife sanctuaries and trips to nearby states like Manipur and Tripolia. Cheap tour and travel tickets are also advertised in the weekly quota of the newspaper.

A good agent in Durgapur is someone who is very familiar with the international air travel agents in India network. Most of these agents have accreditation with various tour and travel organizations. Therefore, before choosing the travel agent in Durgapur to book your international air travel tickets, you should make sure that he or she has the accreditation. Check out his or her website too for further information about him or her.

In addition, there are a number of websites which are managed by the travel agents in Durgapur. These websites provide detailed information about different packages offered by different tour and travel agents. So, it is always better to check these sites before choosing the travel agent in Durgapur to book your tickets. You can even read reviews about different agents and their services before choosing them to book your tickets.

Many people think that cheap international air travel tickets can be easily available through discount or promotional offers by the travel agents in Durgapur. This is not true. These tickets can be easily available, if you look for them in the right place. For example, if you want to avail discounts of more than eighty percent on your air tickets, then you should directly contact the tourism and travel department of the company that is offering the discount.

The travel agents in Durgapur can help you save both time and money. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to get discounts as high as hundred percent on your air tickets. However, if you contact the office of the concerned company directly, you might be able to get discounts even above one hundred percent on your air tickets. Therefore, these agents play a very important role in saving people lots of time and money.

The main criteria that are to be considered while choosing a travel agent include the rate they are charging and the service they are providing. Another important criterion is that the agent should have the required knowledge about the places he is traveling to. If you plan to visit a city like Khajuraho in India, you should make sure that the agent is knowledgeable about that city. Most of the times, people end up wasting lots of money because of the wrong selection of the travel agents.

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