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Travel agents in Coimbatore are now becoming a trend among the tourists and businessmen. This was not the case earlier when people were not so open to it or preferred not to use agents for their travel needs. But with the rise of the real tourism business in Chennai, a lot of people started to understand that agents play a very vital role in this venture. The number of agents has risen sharply and now you will find all kinds of agents in Coimbatore. The agents have really helped to improve the services provided by the various hotels, restaurants, resorts etc.

Travel agents in Coimbatore form a class of their own. Many travel agents in Chennai started taking the business very seriously and started operating in almost every tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Travel agents in Coimbatore could be divided into three major categories – hotel agents, restaurant agents and resort agents. Let us see how each one of them works.

Hotel agents mostly deal with the lodging and boarding of the guests. They have their own office in different parts of Coimbatore city and they advertise the rooms available in various rooms of the hotel to the general public through their advertising posters. They are also present at various places and serve the customers by providing good quality services.

They advertise the prices of the rooms and the charges for other services along with the facilities that are offered by the hotel. This is a good source of earning for the hotel operators and also good for the tourist. Hotels generally hire the services of these agents to manage the guest bookings and also for the tour de parte.

They can easily locate a good hotel in the city and help to plan the trip of the tourists. Many hotels also hire the services of such agents to manage the reservations and also to make arrangements for the various tourist needs. Tourist need special services such as foreign exchange, telephone, customs and clearance. These agents will provide all this to the tourists in a proper way. The hoteliers will also pay the agents a commission for this.

Such agencies also manage the details of the hotels on behalf of the hoteliers. In some cases, the hotels also appoint some agents from outside the city to manage the guest bookings in the hotel. This helps the tourists to enjoy the services of these agencies without any hassles.

Restaurant owners and the chefs also employ these agents for managing the guest bookings. These agents can arrange all the dishes and other food services and can also take care of other matters related to the hotel business. There are many good restaurants in Coimbatore and tourists can enjoy their meals while they are in the hotel. Hotels also use these services for attracting new customers. Many hotels have their websites that allow the customers to book the rooms and the services according to their budgets.

Tourists can arrange for the hotel accommodations through these agencies and can even choose the location of their stay. The agents also arrange for the tours and travel itinerary. In some cases the tourist can book the tickets online through these agencies and can get them delivered to the hotel room. This way, the tourists do not have to go to the hotel during the time of the visit. The agents also help in coordinating with the airlines and bookings for the flights to Coimbatore. The agents usually interact with the airline staff and book the seats of the passengers who need a change of flights.

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