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Travel agents in Bihar are now becoming popular as more foreigners are visiting this part of India for their honeymoon or tourism purpose. The tourism industry in Bihar has seen an upsurge after the Bihar government allowed foreign direct investment (FDI) in the state. Now all the sectors like hotels, travel agents, restaurants etc are booming. The Lalichhoj River which is connecting Nitri, Meghalaya, and Uttar Pradesh is a major attraction for all tourists. Some of the most sought after tourist attractions in Lalichhoj are the Shubhat Nagar Waterfall, Lalgarh Fort, Bellahari Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount Abu Sanctuary, Watamu River, etc.

One can enjoy perfect traveling conditions in Nitri and enjoy all the major tourist attractions in the state. If you are planning to visit Nitri or want to arrange some party there, it would be better if you contact some renowned tour and travel agency. These agencies have a skilled and dedicated team of experts who will assist you in your tour and travel plans. With their assistance, you can plan out your honeymoon packages in an easier way. The best thing about these agencies is that they provide excellent accommodation facilities to their clients and make sure that your journey and your stay in Nitri are full of fun and excitement.

Today, one can book his/her trip to Nitri in an easier manner as there are a number of reputed travel agents who are offering different types of tour packages. These agencies have offices in different parts of the state. You just need to give them the travel visa (if you are traveling from outside) and visa for stay in Nitri. The agencies in Nitri are also providing different types of tour and travel packages. They are offering different types of tour packages like heritage tours, heritage holidays, adventure tours, cultural tours, pilgrimage tours, trekking tours, beach tours, etc.

Before you plan your trip to Nitri, it is important to check whether a particular travel agency in Nitri is providing good quality travel packages bihar (travel visa). If the travel agency is not having any office in Nitri, it is better to ask him/her whether he/she is planning to set up office in Nitri or not. If the travel agency in Bihar is providing good quality travel packages bihar (travel visa), it is a good option to book your trip to Nitri through that agency.

Now, it is important to know that the official procedure for getting visa for stay in Nitri is different from other countries. There are three basic requirements for getting a visa for tourist purpose in Bihar: Birth of the candidate, age at the time of application and the financial capacity to support yourself during the stay. If you fulfill all the above mentioned conditions, nothing is stopping you to get visa for stay in Nitri. You can get a visa on the basis of your ability to support yourself.

Before going to apply for the tourist visa, you should collect the necessary documents such as proof of age, identity and profession. You can get these documents from the office of immigration at the port. The applicant should also carry his photo with him. You will find two types of visitor visa in Bihar, namely, inground visa type and travel visa type. In order to get the tourist visa in Nitri, you have to apply for the inbound travel visa first and then apply for the tourist visa in the out-of-country type.

For the purposes of immigration in Nitri, an applicant does not need to have a valid passport. He can apply for a visa without showing any valid passport. However, if he has a valid passport, he can prove his identity by producing the original copy of his passport. After getting the approval of the immigration authorities in Nitri, you can visit India and reach the Indian consulate to apply for the Indian citizenship.

The third type of visitor visa is the inbound travel visa. In this case, the applicant should enter the country by air or sea. You can get the visa easily through Nigerian tour operator who will help you select the right package for your trip. The Nigerian package includes air and land transportation, accommodation and food. Before selecting the package, you should compare the prices of all the operators who are offering the same service. You can also select any airport in Nigeria, where you can board the plane and reach the border to apply for the visa.

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