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The capital city of Karnataka, Amaravati is a small city by South Indian standards, with a population of around 5.5 million people. However, it is a bustling and vibrant city, as is evident from the presence of innumerable tourist attractions. One can spend a full day in this city without seeing anything that is new to him/her. There are some must-see places in this cultural capital of Karnataka. Some of the important places to visit while here are the following:

Ashok Palace: The Ashok Palace is a beautiful palace that was built by Tipu Sultan. It now houses the Vice President of Karnataka, T. R. retaliating against the allegations of intolerance against him. The Vice President’s official residence is also located here. Ashok Palace also has a museum that showcases the work of M.F. Hussain.

Koodal: This is the largest city of Karnataka and also happens to be its largest textile market. It is also known for its cattle and poultry farms. You will definitely want to taste the delectable Barfiyan cooked on the steam train. There are many interesting sights and locations to view while in this city. Some of the most prominent places to visit are the Bekal Fort, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, and Bharatpur Lake.

Mangalgiri: Mangalgiri is another small town on the outskirts of Bangalore. However, it is one of the best places to visit in the city. It is famous for its elite class of society. It is one of the oldest cities in Karnataka, and its incorporation into the union in 1799 is still celebrated with great zeal. There are some interesting historic buildings in this city, like the Bengal Station of British India and the bungalows of Tipu Sultan.

Bangalore West: Bangalore West is the commercial center of Bangalore. It is the headquarters of numerous major multinational companies, including Haldimann Group and Wipro Industries. Major attractions of Bangalore include the Charminar, the IT corridors, and the Essel World. The Lotus Temple is located in the city, as well as the miniature park and a museum.

Mysore: Mysore is another industrial town in Bangalore. It is renowned for its textile mills, and is home to many renowned textile designers and manufacturers. Tourists coming from the US or other foreign countries land at the KGA Golf Course here. The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is a prominent attraction to visit. It has a railway station that connects it to various other towns. Mysore is a major tourism and commercial centre, receiving travelers from all over the country.

Satkhanda: Satkhanda is a small but beautiful town in South Karnataka. It has a picturesque setting, surrounded by fertile hillside and rivers. A major tourist destination, Satkhanda receives tourists all through the year.

There are many other cities and towns in and around Bangalore offering great places to stay in India. However, these three have several advantages over other cities and especially attractive during India tour, for a number of reasons. The rates charged by travel agents in saraswati, Mysore, and satkhanda differ from place to place. Travel agents in these cities can help you get the best deal for your vacation. There are many portals that offer information about the various places in and around Bangalore. Most of them also have online booking facilities, so you can book your accommodation and other travel services from the comfort of your home.

The third town in Bangalore that is worth mentioning is Mysore. Once known as Bengal Gate, the name was given because of the influx of West Indian and Chinese traders during the British rule in Bengal. Though the place closed down some years back, it is making a comeback now, as there are many travel agents available in town that will help you plan your tour. You can visit the historical churches of the region like St. Stephen’s Church and St. Ann’s Church.

Finally, there is Vasco Da Gama, the city with the Old Town. If you are a history buff, then you will love this place. You will find some amazing temples here like Kapileshwara Temple and Sudarshan Temple. The city has some beautiful restaurants that serve delicious food. There are also numerous pubs and bars that you can choose from while exploring the Old Town of Vasco Da Gama.

To conclude, we can say that travel agents in saraswati and Bangalore are definitely the best way to go around the city. This is especially helpful if you do not have much of an idea about the place or its history. They will guide you to discover the treasures of the place and even tell you about its history. All in all, this is something you would want to try out, whether for business or leisure!

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