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New-age Properties. WiFi Everywhere

24/7 Internet connectivity is fast emerging as a necessity among families. Apartment residents tend to expect the latest in technologies and value convenience and mobility. Upwardly mobile residents are generally computer and internet-savvy, willing to pay a premium for services that will allow them to access the internet at high-speeds from anywhere in their apartment or condominium.


Wireless internet connectivity at apartments and in common areas can prove to be your differentiator in a market saturated with standard realty offerings. WiFi based amenities such as wireless surveillance cameras VoWiFi, closed community social networking portal and multi player gaming kiosks are just a few among the numerous other possibilities the wireless world offers. While people living in your properties enjoy rich IP based services, Airlink enables you to explore profitable revenue share opportunities.

Following are the primary service attributes of our solution:

  • DoT / TRAI Compliant

  • Internet Backhaul Independent - Works with DSL, cable, T1 etc

  • Zero Configuration - Reduces onsite configuration & setup time

  • Service Provider Neutrality - Can be deployed using any Internet service provider

  • Technology Neutrality - Support for WiFi as well as WiMAX

  • 24x7 Network Monitoring

  • Service Metrics - 24x7 Technical Support, Customer Support, Business Support

  • Brandable login splash pages

  • User friendly guest registration

  • Per user bandwidth provision


Solution Highlights - Realty

  • Ethernet to home
  • Secure AP managed WiFi
  • WiFi in common areas
  • Sub-accounts facility - Separate accounts for family members to access the network simultaneously
  • On-site support engineer
  • Other VAS, VoWiFi , Multiplayer Gaming
  • Closed community social networking portal
  • VPN support, VLAN support, Public IP support
  • WiFi enabled surveillance cameras
  • Flexible pricing

Key Benefits for Property Developers

  • Additional revenue

  • Advanced security

  • Differentiated service / Increased customer satisfaction

  • Customized residential services

  • Easy user access and automated customer billing

  • Turnkey solution for fast and easy deployment

  • Scalability

  • Complete network management

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