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Knowledge is the most valuable commodity at a campus. Therefore, the speed and ease at which it is shared is the crux of higher productivity. Today’s students are highly mobile and there is always a constant need for Internet access infrastructure. Students and faculty need Internet access for knowledge sharing, online research/recreation and cost effective communication. It gives a sense of freedom for anytime, anywhere, secure access within the campus.

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Airlink’s Solution for Campus WiFi

Our DoT/TRAI compliant wireless network platform takes care of traffic monitoring, which is imperative in a campus environment. The flexible platform is capable of user-level traffic shaping that makes maximum use of limited bandwidth, by identifying high/low bandwidth users among students/faculty and guests in your campus.

Following are the primary service attributes of our solution:

  • DoT / TRAI Compliant

  • Internet Backhaul Independent - Works with DSL, cable, T1 etc

  • Zero Configuration - Reduces onsite configuration & setup time

  • Service Provider Neutrality - Can be deployed using any Internet service provider

  • Technology Neutrality - Support for WiFi as well as WiMAX

  • 24x7 Network Monitoring

  • Service Metrics - 24x7 Technical Support, Customer Support, Business Support

  • Brandable login splash pages

  • User friendly guest registration

  • Per user bandwidth provision


Solution Highlights - Education

  • Management of hybrid networks

  • Usage of High capacity PSCs (Supports 2000-4000 concurrent users)

  • Integration with third party systems (Radius, LDAP, CRM systems)

  • Support for 802.1x authentication for improved security

  • Campus bundle solution

  • Supports mixed use environments - Separate, secure network for faculty, students, visitors)

Key Benefits for Service Providers

  • Quarantine virus infected sites

  • Multiple login options (campus database, separate staff and guest access)

  • Offers low cost of ownership

  • Increased campus security & lower insurance costs on WiFi security cameras

  • Detecting unauthorized ‘rogue’ access points affordably and efficiently

  • Allows you to monitor each user and device connected to the network

  • Co-branded login page

  • 24X7 monitoring and support services

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