Value Added Services

Airlink is focussed on integrating solutions and products for the IP based wireless world. Airlink's VAS are product and services that help  customer to do more with its exisitng IP infrastructure.

Airlink's 360 degree approach offers the entire product line across all IP based wireless access channels like VoIP, IP Surveillance, IP based Video Conference, IP Content delivery, Bluetooth proximity marketing, Wireless driverless printing etc. With Airlink, technologies of the future come to life. It is imperative to have technology that is flexible and reliable, for applications and services to be built on it. Seeing this need, Airlink makes sure its technologies mesh perfectly to meet the future needs of clients and end customers.


Many enterprises deploying VoIP also want to integrate voice over their wireless networks to enjoy the quick response and enhanced collaboration associated with in-house voice mobility. However, wireless adds an extra layer of complexity to the VoIP equation.
Airlink wireless VoIP solution delivers real-time, toll-quality voice – enabling employees to communicate securely wherever they roam:

  • Provides pervasive wireless coverage to facilitate real-time, location-wide wireless VoIP (delivers voice traffic directly from source to destination – eliminating latency and jitter caused by extraneous trips to the controller)
  • QoS is applied at the network edge, so time-sensitive voice is prioritized end-to-end for high performance and toll-quality calls.
  • Enables seamless roaming while continuously enforcing identity-based and device-based network policies. That ensures calls are never dropped and security is never compromised.

IP Surveillance

Wireless surveillance is one of the fastest growing applications in the world for wireless security systems. Governments, municipal public safety agencies and even private enterprise business are constantly working to secure their perimeter security through the increased use of wireless transmission of IP video surveillance.
Airlink extends their existing IP infrastructure to provide wireless surveillance. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Eliminates the need for separate and expensive coaxial cable networks
  • Network cameras can be connected directly to existing IP networks
  • Images can be viewed, stored & the cameras managed from anywhere via web browser
  • Ensures high security

IP Content delivery

Because of the variety of content available on the Internet, consumers are now accustomed to choice; they want to access entertainment content anytime, anywhere. Airlink helps you meet the demands from today’s savvy consumers.
With Airlink wireless solution you can offer a variety of services. At the same time, you can establish a platform for future services from different sources to a multitude of subscriber devices. The Content delivery system transcends traditional video-on-demand (VoD) and internet streaming solutions to provide a broad range of services, including:

  • Time-shift TV
  • Additional premium channels
  • Internet video and music
  • User generated content services

IP based Video Conference

Video conferencing is about connecting people. Most businesses today use IP networks, which provide a standards-based transport system that can support the bandwidth demands of video conferencing systems and related applications. Communicating through video has finally become a viable option for small businesses. It's been a long time coming, but it's a genuine reality today.
Airlink leverages the existing IP infrastructure to augment such solutions with reliable, versatile, and easy-to-manage video conferencing applications. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Avoids  the burden and costs of travel
  • Builds  stronger relationships with remote workers and customers
  • Scalability of  scarce resources
  • Uses  existing investments in your network and applications

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing

Airlink’s solution adds value to product promotions through Bluetooth Proximity Marketing. Bluetooth Proximity Marketing creates a wide variety of opportunities for branding and advertising and holds a unique place in the world of marketing campaigns.

  • This technology creates a wide variety of opportunities for branding and advertising.
  • Effective way to deliver content to a targeted audience while positioning the brand
  • Creates a better recall value in the customer's mind.

Wireless Driverless Printing

Airlink offers a complete solution that makes printing easy and reduces the overall cost of print services. Users will be able to easily and securely print documents, emails and web content from their Internet-enabled laptops, PC’s or wireless handheld devices to any Web-Print-enabled printer located at the location.

  • Reduce your overall cost – Supports printing initiatives eliminating or minimizing staff intervention
  • Provide a centralized printing service – Users can print from home/ residence and pick their documents from any other place like library, office etc.
  • Support environmental initiatives – Reduces the waste of unintentional print jobs with the optional secure release station
  • Secure Device – All print data requests are transferred and encrypted using secure SSL communication
  • Simple Solution - It does not require any special printer or hardware. Print to any printer from any internet – enabled device.