Customized Applications

Airlink understands the challenges and complexities of delivering converged services as well as integrating new applications that can enhance the wireless experience and improve productivity. Consequently, Airlink Professional Services was formed, which comprises of a dedicated team of development and architecture resources who help create and deliver customized wireless solutions quickly and efficiently.

Airlink Professional Services offers fee-based services to assist design issues, prototype new applications and provide training on emerging technologies and network strategies. Airlink's area of expertise include:

  • Prototyping/ Proof-of-concept

  • Integration with external systems

  • Custom feature enhancements

  • Integration with new applications

  • Consulting services/ Training

Whether you would like to explore an idea of how to enhance your current services or would like Airlink's help in understanding the feasibility and scope of a project, Airlink Professional Services has the in-depth expertise in WiFi to address the needs of a wide variety of business scenarios.