Airlink pioneers 3-D Secure based paid Internet access

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Bangalore, July 17, 2009: Post RBI's recent directive making 3-D Secure mandatory for online credit card payments, Airlink becomes India's first wireless network operator to provide Internet access through 3-D Secure online payment. Traditionally, online credit card transactions required user credentials such as card number, expiry date, CVV number and user name. In case a card was lost or stolen, any anonymous user could use credentials printed on it to make online transactions. 3-D Secure is an added layer of security, in which the purchase portal redirects the user to his holding bank site that conducts an extra password authentication to process the transaction.
In a WiFi environment, while purchasing Internet access using credit card, connection to the Internet is not established until the credit card transaction succeeds. Whilst for the credit card transaction to succeed with 3D Secure, the user needs to connect to the holding bank's website. It is basically a Catch 22 situation, in which Internet access is necessary to buy Internet access. Airlink solved this challenge. Airlink's new technology works thus - A controller at a WiFi hotspot establishes a link with the server processing the credit card transaction, and communicates status of 3D Secure transaction. During this processing period, the user is given selective Internet access to the holding bank's site, for 3-D Secure authentication.
CEO Airlink, Paramjit Singh Puri, shares, "3-D Secure capability is a new precedent in Airlink's consistent efforts to provide secure wireless network solutions, adhering to RBI guidelines. I congratulate our technology development team for their path-breaking achievement."

More about 3-D Secure: 3-D Secure is the latest XML-based security protocol that ties the financial authorization process with an added online authentication for credit/debit card transactions. This authentication is based on the following 3 Domain model.
•    Acquirer Domain (Merchant & bank to which payment is made).
•    Issuer Domain (Bank that issued the card).
•    Interoperability Domain (Credit/debit card's infrastructure to support the new protocol).

About Airlink: Launched in 2006, Airlink is India's premium Neutral Host Wireless Network Operator. Airlink's robust network is built on a future-ready DoT compliant platform that seamlessly integrates with evolving technologies to provide an uninterrupted, high bandwidth, fast and secure WiFi access. Airlink adheres to DoT guidelines for secure authentication of wireless Internet users, and Internet usage traffic monitoring. The company's best-in-class back-office and service delivery solution combines to provide a rich user experience that is highly affordable to all segments of Internet users. Airlink's technology partner Pronto Networks, based in Pleasanton, California, provides a carrier-class Operation Support System (OSS) that enables service providers to rapidly and cost-effectively provision, deploy and manage large-scale, broadband wireless networks.

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