Airlink extends CSR support to ConnectBillions

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Bangalore, Jan 27:  India’s premier Wireless Network Solution Provider – Airlink – extends CSR support  to ConnectBillions, the country’s first news and networking portal for the grassroots. ConnectBillions’ mission is to connect the country’s 6 lakh villages to the global information highway. Airlink’s solution will help set up critical network infrastructure that will enable ConnectBillions to foster Broadband Wireless connectivity in villages and small towns.

Sharing more on the unique partnership, Airlink CEO Paramjit Singh Puri said, “We are proud to be a part of the ConnectBillions revolution. Broadband Wireless Access has the potential to reduce socioeconomic gap and out‐migration by fostering rural‐urban connectivity; thus bringing about equitable development. Last‐mile wireless connectivity has emerged as a necessity. Airlink’s secure and reliable solutions will help establish Wireless Networks that bypass challenges of topography.”

ConnectBillions CEO, Sabya Dutta, shared, “Villages and small towns can explore immense possibilities of mutually sharing news, views and issues with the global information society, and pro‐actively contribute goods and services to the global economy. This can be made possible through a humanpowered networking platform like ConnectBillions, which leverages the abundance of mobile phones in rural areas and readily available Internet connectivity in cities.”

About ConnectBillions:  ConnectBillions is a for-the-people, by-the-people networking portal that aims to connect all stakeholders across the social ladder, and build a consensus for equitable development through mutual sharing of pressing local issues, news and path-breaking solutions. Through, Citizen Journalists can register to manage a portal for their village/town of interest, and globally highlight the place by sharing news, issues, alerts or general Information related to it. Such information will be available on the Internet for all interested parties - the common man, policy-makers, special interest groups, and NGOs across the world.

About Airlink:  Airlink is a one‐stop solution provider for all Wireless connectivity needs. Airlink’s mission is to enable public and private wireless applications over an integrated networking platform (provided as a managed service), which creates new business opportunities and operational efficiencies for its customers. Airlink provides customized, turnkey and domain specific solutions for Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Enterprise, Realty and Telecom industries. Airlink also operates a large footprint of public hotspots all across India under a “Neutral Network” model, which enables service providers to offer branded WiFI access and revenue enhancing value added services like content, IPTV, VOIP, advertising over WIFI, WiMAX and Bluetooth.

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