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Airlink extends CSR support to ConnectBillions
Airlink,  provides last‐mile connectivity solutions to India’s first human‐powered news and networking portal for the grassroots –
Paramjit Singh Puri, CEO, Airlink Wireless, expresse his views on 'Secure WiFi' in Hospitality Biz
An exclusive feature on 'Importance of Secure WiFi' at hotels and resorts post 26/11 terrorist attacks.

Airlink deploys fully secure WiFi at IIT Patna
Airlink, leader in the Wireless Network Market in education campus segment has proved it once again by successfully deploying secure WiFi at IIT Patna.
Paramjit Singh Puri, CEO, Airlink Wireless, in interaction with Hospitality Biz
India has the largest online user base of 60 million users, making it one of the largest Internet market in the world. Paramjit Singh Puri, CEO, Airlink Wireless, in conversation with Hospitality Biz - India's leading hospitality publication outlines the company’s focus for the hospitality vertical and the potential to leverage Neutral Host Wireless Network Solutions in the hospitality industry.
Airlink pioneers 3-D Secure based paid Internet access
Post RBI's recent directive making 3-D Secure mandatory for online credit card payments, Airlink becomes India's first wireless network operator to provide Internet access through 3-D Secure online payment.