Airlink is a one stop solution provider for all your - WiFi, Wireless and Mobile devices - connectivity needs.

Airlink’s mission is to enable breakthrough public and private wireless applications over an integrated network platform (provided as a managed service), which creates new business opportunities and operational efficiencies for its customers.  Airlink provides customized, turnkey, domain specific solutions for the following industries: Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Enterprise, Realty and Telecom industries.

Airlink also provides best in class ‘Neutral Network Host Model” i.e. a platform of open neutral public hotspots all across India, which enables consumers and service providers direct access to each other across different technologies (WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth), different devices (Laptops, Mobile phones) and different applications (Broadband access, Location based services, Advertising, Rich Content, IPTV).

Airlink provides complete end to end turnkey solutions from design to implementation to managed 24/7 services.

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